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The MSC Student Conference on Latino Affairs (SCOLA) is a three-day conference in which participants have the chance to hear from a wide array of speakers ranging from national and state, government, business, and media. Our mission is to provide a forum for students to discuss significant issues that impact the Latino community and to foster exemplary leadership development among our members. It is our belief that the interaction, discussion, and enlightenment fostered by the conference effectively creates a stimulating educational and life-changing experience.

Letter from 2017-2018 MSC CAMAC Chair

I am pleased to announce that SCOLA, The Student Conference on Latinx Affairs, has been accepted into the Memorial Student Center as its own committee and will no longer be housed under MSC CAMAC. While SCOLA was created back in 1987 and worked on by MSC CAMAC members for 29 years, we are pleased that the staff and the conference have developed so much these past few years that they now will be able to expand and take the conference to greater heights. We wish MSC SCOLA all the best and will continue to show our support for the organization and encourage our members to attend both their programs and the conference itself.  

– Paola Martinez ‘18

43rd MSC CAMAC Chair

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