Member Expectations

Members will be required to attend 3 programs, volunteer at 2 events, and attend 1 social. Participation will be recorded throughout the semester.

  • Failure to participate in the required amount of events will result in disciplinary action to be interpreted by the executive board every year.
  • Failure to maintain a 2.0 GPR for every semester in which the student is active in MSC CAMAC will result in a meeting with the Chair and/or advisor, probation status with the organization, and even possible removal. Probation requirements will be determined at the discretion of the Chair and advisor on a case-by-case basis.

In efforts to provide a safe environment and in order to abide by MSC regulations, MSC CAMAC has implemented an alcohol policy.

  • Members shall not consume alcohol or advertise its consumption in MSC CAMAC attire.
  • Members shall not advertise events which involve the consumption of alcohol at any MSC CAMAC functions.
  • Members shall not associate the MSC or MSC CAMAC to any events where alcohol will be present.
  • Members shall not use the MSC CAMAC listserve to advertise events where alcohol will be present.