Purpose Statement

MSC CAMAC: A Latinx Programming Committee that works on uniting students from diverse backgrounds by presenting programs that enrich the awareness and understanding of Latina/o cultures and values.

Letter from 2023-2024 MSC CAMAC Chair

Howdy y bienvenidos!JULIE's official

First of all, welcome to our familia! MSC CAMAC is a programming committee that prides itself in bring students from diverse backgrounds together. MSC

 CAMAC puts on programs that inform and educate students, faculty and community members about Latinx culture. Founded in 1974 by one of the first Mexican-American students here at A&M, we welcome members from any and all backgrounds. MSC CAMAC is also proud of the professional development it offers students. By being a part of the programming process, students can develop their leadership, life and professional skills.

Reflecting as current chair and junior, as a freshman, I wouldn’t believe where I am now. Coming into a new city, new school and overall new environment I felt lost. When I saw CAMAC and what they do, I was so excited I had to join. MSC CAMAC became a safe space, a home for me.

Within the past years I have been in MSC CAMAC, I have developed not just valuable skills but also lasting relationships. CAMAC provides professional development so that students can be ready for the real world. I have seen myself grow so much in these past years professionally, and am confident in whatever life brings me after CAMAC. CAMAC isn’t just a place to develop one’s skills however, it has provided me a space that I can express myself without judgement. It has given me friends that I can see in my life for a long time. It’s given me a home.

MSC CAMAC is not just a Latinx programming committee. This is our familia. Bienvenidos!

Julianna Solorzano ’25 | 49th MSC CAMAC Chair

History & Vision

Founded in 1974, MSC CAMAC: A Latinx Programming Committee is a student organization that focuses on uniting students from diverse backgrounds to establish an appreciation for various Hispanic and Latinx cultures on the Texas A&M campus and Bryan/College Station community. In addition, MSC CAMAC provides a forum where members can educate themselves and others about current issues affecting the Latinx cultures and community. We also offer opportunities for superior leadership growth and development within the organization and the Memorial Student Center.