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Purpose Statement

MSC CAMAC: A Latinx Programming Committee works on uniting students from diverse backgrounds by presenting programs that enrich the awareness and understanding of Latina/o cultures and values.

Letter from 2017-2018 MSC CAMAC Chair

Howdy and bienvenidos to MSC CAMAC: A Latinx Programming Committee!

MSC CAMAC is a programming committee housed within the Memorial Student Center ­ Student Programs Office. Our purpose is to unite students from diverse backgrounds by presenting programs that enrich the Texas A&M University community with awareness and an understanding of Latinx cultures and values. MSC CAMAC was founded by one of the first Mexican­ American students admitted to Texas A&M back in 1974, however we welcome members from all backgrounds, cultures, races, and ethnicities into our familia.

MSC CAMAC not only puts on programs, but it provides and develops its members with the necessary professional skills that will enable them to become capable leaders at Texas A&M and after graduation. Now in its 43rd year, MSC CAMAC has grown tremendously and continues to do so thanks to its members and the people who continue to attend our programs. Although we are a programming committee, my time in this organization has shown me that MSC CAMAC goes beyond just programs. One of the most unique aspects of the organization is its ability to create a family environment for students who seek a home away from home.

I joined MSC CAMAC the second semester of my freshman year and will forever be thankful I found my home here. As a freshman I wanted to find a purpose and a place where I could go to challenge myself in more ways than just academically and MSC CAMAC provided that space for me. I joined the cultural subcommittee freshman year and gain an understanding for what the organization was about. My sophomore year I was given the opportunity to be the Coordinator of Operation for the SCOLA subcommittee, and this past year I had the pleasure of stepping into the Vice Chair role for MSC CAMAC. I have put so much of myself into this organization and what I’ve received in return has been immeasurable, from the friendships to the leadership experience, I am thankful for it all.

I look forward to meeting all of you and hope to help you see for yourself all that MSC CAMAC has to offer. Welcome home!

Gracias y Gig’em!

Paola Martinez ‘18


History & Vision

Founded in 1974, MSC CAMAC: A Latinx Programming Committee is a student organization that focuses on uniting students from diverse backgrounds to establish an appreciation for various Hispanic and Latinx cultures on the Texas A&M campus and Bryan/College Station community. In addition, MSC CAMAC provides a forum where members can educate themselves and others about current issues affecting the Latino cultures and community. We also offer opportunities for superior leadership growth and development within the organization and the Memorial Student Center.