MSC SCOLA’s dual faceted purpose is to provide a forum for students to discuss significant issues impacting the growing Latinx population in our nation, and to foster exemplary leadership development among its members. It is the sincere belief of the MSC SCOLA team the interaction, discussion, and enlightenment fostered by the conference effectively creates a stimulating educational and life-changing experience, thus harboring an environment for social Latinx growth. This is achieved by bringing the focal point of Latinx issues to Texas A&M University where post basis of Latinos are challenged, new opinions are formed, and a greater understanding of issues that matter to Latinos can be addressed.

Through the intricate planning of each conference, MSC SCOLA team members benefit by developing “real world” skills in marketing, development, and operations. This task yields tremendous experience and a sense of accomplishment as the conference ensues. MSC SCOLA provides the opportunity and the vehicle for individuals to succeed in the planning and implementation of each detail of the conference. With every passing conference, MSC SCOLA realizes its purpose and goals and grows in strength.