Mis Quince Años

Every year, MSC CAMAC invites the Texas A&M student body and the Bryan/College Station community to the traditional Mexican celebration, “Mis Quince Años!”

This program is part of a series of cultural programs that introduce the Texas A&M student body to Hispanic traditions. Much like a sweet sixteen, “Mis Quince Años” celebrates the coming of age for young Hispanic women.

Historically, “Mis Quince Años” served as a reenactment of a young lady’s quinceniera with a CAMAC member representing the young lady. However, as a way to give back to the community, MSC CAMAC reaches out to the Bryan/College Station community to select a young lady wishing to fulfill her lifelong dream of having a Quinceañera. Traditionally, the Quinceañera celebration includes a Thanksgiving mass if the young lady is Roman Catholic. Following the mass, the Quinceañera and her court of honor arrive at a reception for an elaborate dinner after which she dances the traditional first waltz with her father. Furthermore, the celebration includes traditional dances, food, music, and gifts representative of her coming of age, such as a medallion, ring, bracelet, watch, and earrings.

This program is much more than just an educational and cultural program, this allows MSC CAMAC to give back to the Bryan/College Station community as well. Celebrating your quinceniera is no small feat, from food to the venue, and from a band to the dress; putting on a quinceniera can be financially exhausting for many Hispanic familes. MSC CAMAC strives to alleviate the financial burden of the family by providing one deserving lady with this unique opportunity!

The chosen lady, along with her family, decide all aspects of the dress and gifts representative of her coming of age, as well as her court of honor. MSC CAMAC students assist with the coordination of booking rooms, necessary equipment, food, entertainment and all marketing materials needed for the program.


To be our quinceañera for the 2016-2017 school year, please apply here:

Mis Quince Application