MSC CAMAC: A Latinx programming committee would like to invite you to join us and apply for Raise Your Voice: A Latinx Perspective. Raise Your Voice is a speech competition. The event will occur on November 9 th , 2016 in MSC 2405. Application deadline will be on November 2 nd , 2016 . Based on applications submitted via Google forms we will select four finalists. The four finalists will compete in a two-part speech event. Part 1 has each of the finalists giving a speech on a topic that was given to them a week in advance. Stage 2 has the finalist being cross-examined by the judges. Contestants will be scored based on these two stages. Additionally, the winner will receive a scholarship. Our scholarship is unique. It will start at a base value of 500 dollars. Although the competition takes place in November the actual scholarship will be presented late spring semester to the winner at MSC CAMAC’s annual end of the year banquet, date to be determined. The reason why is while the year goes on donations and sponsorships will continue to be searched and asked for. Leaving the total scholarship amount an exciting mystery to be revealed in the spring. However, we are confident we will more than double the base value. Lastly, since this is a scholarship that will be presented in the spring you must plan on attending Texas A&M at the very least until the Fall 2017 semester which is when the funds would be accredited to your student account. Failure to meet this requirement would make you ineligible for the scholarship since funds will only be made available through your student account.


For more information, please visit:

Raise Your Voice Facebook Page

Apply Here:

Raise Your Voice Application



Please contact Ruben Delgado at camaceducationdirector@gmail.com with any questions.